Inspired by people encountered in daily life and their sensibilities MOVING PORTRAITS are intimate video works playing on the fine line between stillness and movement. The artists depict their protagonists in condensed set designs mixing abstract and concrete symbolism where sensations are translated into space and time exploration. Through minimal visual language going beyond image and beyond narration, MOVING PORTRAITS invites viewers on a oneiric journey from seeing to looking.

Involved in the creation of  this new Loutop-project are the choreographer and visual artist Moni Wespi, and the video artist Lucia Gerhardt. With starting point the protagonists and their personality Wespi sets painting-like installations, reality-meets-fantasy universes,  before LG follows and captures their moves in the setting to draw their moving portrait.

In their work the artists give prominence to spontaneity, unexpected revelations and interaction, driven by curiosity and playful spirit. Fascinated by the idea of endless re-setting and re-assembling possibilities of everyday life’s things and spaces, MOVING PORTRAITS is an open project always eager for new encounters and challenges to go further in their search and reflection on the essence of individuality.

Moving Portrait is the new creation of Loutop, previewed in a interactive live-version coming out for 2016/2017.